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Body Carnival: The Science and Fun of Being You


Body Carnival: The Science and Fun of Being You Exhibit uses carnival-themed components to explore the connections between perception and the laws of physics within the human body.


Visitors can learn about themselves while investigating force, light, color, balance and more.


You can crawl through a giant artery to see (and hear) how plaque build-up effects your blood flow. Test your balance as you walk through the 10-foot long Dizzy Tunnel, which simulates a rotating star field. Put on a pair of vision-distorting goggles and discover how sight affects the ability to walk straight. Experiment in the House of Color with different sources of light. “Hear” through your bones and muscles while learning how these transmit sound, and more.


5/15/2014 – 8/24/2014 Select
Masters of the Night: The True Story of Bats


Blind, blood-sucking, squeaky creatures that get tangled in your hair. Who wants to see an exhibit on BATS?! Visitors of Masters of the Night: The True Story of Bats soon find these beliefs to be myths that have held fast throughout the years. The exhibit explains that bats are actually gentle, beneficial little animals.


With lifelike models and interactives, the ecological importance of bats is revealed, and visitors can better understand and truly appreciate the wonders of the bat world.


4/20/2014 – 5/4/2014 Select
Sugar Land Dig Pit (Ages 3-11)

Experience the thrill of paleontology first-hand! Several species of cast fossil dinosaurs await discovery in the Dig Pit! Budding scientists will be delighted to dig for dinosaurs under the watchful gaze of a prehistoric archelon, the largest sea turtle ever discovered.



Admission to the HMNS at Sugar Land exhibit halls requires a separate ticket purchase.



4/20/2014 – 10/17/2014 Select
Sugar Land Permanent Exhibits

From 2 terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex to colorful, living frogs, HMNS at Sugar Land has something for everyone. This satellite facility of the Houston Museum of Natural Science has permanent galleries reflecting the most popular exhibit areas of the main Museum campus, each of which present required science topics for Texas schools as fun and engaging activities for the whole family.


4/20/2014 – 10/17/2014 Select