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BTS - Mapping Texas: From Frontier to the Lone Star State


Featuring maps dating from 1513 to 1920, the special exhibition traces more than 400 years of Texas history. Through this unique presentation of cartographic history, visitors can visualize how the fourth largest city in the US, Houston, and the third most populous county in the US, Harris County, grew into an economic powerhouse because of the Houston Ship Channel and the growth of railroads in the region. The works in this exhibition are mainly from the archival collection of the Texas General Land Office and Houston map collectors Frank and Carol Holcomb. Additionally, there are items on loan from the Witte Museum in San Antonio and the Bryan Museum in Galveston.


Go behind-the-scenes with a master docent to see the formation of Texas, from an unnamed frontier in the New World, to a small outpost of New Spain, to the huge, bustling state that now leads the nation.



Members $15, Tickets $27

Class - Sleuths & Secrets Mystery Night

Ready to crack the case? Join a team to untangle a web of clues, evidence and history to unlock a series of riddles and mysterious objects in the Cabinet of Curiosities of Ferrante Imperato of 16th century Naples.


Minimum age is 15.


Limited space available.


Tickets $30, Members $40


Dino Discovery Day


Treat your aspiring Paleontologist to breakfast, lecture and Paleo activities with the Museum's very own Associate Curator of Paleontology, David Temple.


After enjoying a full breakfast on the Morian Overlook with a stunning view of the dinosaurs below, Dave will give an entertaining and educational talk as well as host several Paleo activities in Moran Hall. Reserve your spot now!


Adults must accompany children. Children under 1 admitted free.


Members $35, Non-Members $45


Edge of Darkness

Educator Late Night - Death by Natural Causes


Death by Natural Causes will introduce students to the range of "animal, vegetable and mineral" dangers that lurk in their everyday lives. Through a collection of specimens, text and interactives, students will explore animal adaptations, statistics, chemistry, medicine and history. The rich graphics, compelling visuals and suprising specimens are such to peak interests!

Educator Late Night - Gifted and Talented Training


Enhance your classroom strategy with ready-to-implement STEAM activities and techniques influenced by our permanent exhibit halls and the film Dream Big 3D. With dynamic presenters, engaging sessions, and the world of HMNS to explore, this is a workshop like no other! Enjoy 6 hours of TAGT-verified credit toward the completion of state-mandated 30-hour gifted and talented teacher training, OR 6-hour update for those who have completed their 30 hours, interactive activities and techniques that can immediately be implemented into the classroom, hands-on Museum-related activities, a workshop notebook, a private screening of the new film Dream Big 3D, and much more!

Educator Late Night - Knights in Shining Armor


Knights in Shining Armor features stunning masterpieces of European arms and armor dating from the medieval period to the 19th century. Separate fact from fiction as you explore cutting edge battlefield technology through the ages and discover unique aspects of the lives of everyday people during this time.

Educator Maker Lab - AR/VR in the Classroom


Explore Google Expeditions, and learn how to create your own 3D images to upload to a 3D printer or augmented reality software. This Maker Lab requires the participants bring a smartphone.

Educator Maker Lab - Automata in Action


Take your simple machines to the next level! In this Maker Lab you'll investigate simple machines and cams to create a working automaton.

Educator Maker Lab - Exploring Circuits


Circuits are way more fun than the basic electromagnet. In this Maker Lab you'll create wearable circuits, squishy circuits, and copper tape circuits as well as experiment with and create conductive paint.

Educator Maker Lab - Ingenious Engineering


Become a tinker thinker as you create aerial photography, your own balloon-based speaker, and a multiplication parabola in this Maker Lab.

Educator Maker Lab - The Art of Science


How is art affected by physics? Come find out! In this Maker Lab you will create a scribble-bot, a Jacob's ladder, pendulum art, and experiment with time lapse animation to tell a story.

Excursion - Travel - Norwegian Voyage: Vikings and Northern Lights: Iceland - DEPOSIT


Join us on the Museum’s "Norwegian Voyage: Vikings and Northern Lights," which is scheduled for March 16-26, 2018 with Dr. Carolyn Sumners, HMNS VP of Astronomy and Dr. Dirk Van Tuerenhout, HMNS Curator of Anthropology.


In the footsteps and seaways of the Vikings, we set out to Iceland and Norway to hunt the Northern Lights. With eight nights above the Arctic Circle to spot the magnificent auroras dancing in the night sky, this trip is timed to also have ample daylight to enjoy stunning nature and historic sites. We start in Reykjavik, Iceland and experience the majestic geology and scenery of Iceland. Then on to Norway's most eastern town Kirkenes where we board MS Finnmarken. Our southbound journey meanders along the scenic coastline of Norway and includes historic Viking sites, picturesque Scandinavian villages and medieval architecture will let travelers truly experience Norwegian culture and heritage.


Registration requires a nonrefundable deposit of $1,000 for HMNS Members, or $1,500 for non-members. You will receive an invoice for your remaining balance. Registration forms must be sent to with a copy of your passport.

Film Screening & Tour - Incredible Predators with David Temple


"Incredible Predators" deconstructs the world of major predators as never before, taking an intimate look at the remarkable strategies they use to succeed. Advanced filming techniques expose the planet's top predators in extraordinary footage, putting the audience right beside them as they hunt--on land, under the sea or in the air.


Far from a film about the kill, instead the audience will be emotionally engaged with the key characters, learning how these supreme species must be at the very peak of performance to have any chance of success. Their backstory will be a key part of the narrative; to understand a cheetah's dilemma you must meet her hungry cubs.


Top predators occupy an apex position within the habitats they dominate and, alongside dramatic animal behavior, "Incredible Predators" reveals the unique relationship between predators and prey as a fundamental building block of ecology.


Join David Temple, HMNS Paleontologist on a hunt for predators in the Museum exhibit halls following the film.


Members $12, Tickets $18

Fly Me to the Moon 2D


"Fly Me to the Moon" combines the Apollo 11 mission with a whimsical twist involving three tweenage flies who go along on an incredible space adventure. "Fly Me to the Moon" introduces new generations to space exploration and the historic moment when the world was united for this awe-inspiring achievement.


Animation | Adventure | Family

20 minutes


George Observatory Boy Scouts - Astronomy Merit Badge


Astronomy: Study how activities in space affect our own planet and bear witness to the wonders of the night sky. Telescope viewing included, weather permitting. (Prerequisite 6b).


Bring a sack lunch.


Members $25, Tickets $35

HMNS Boy Scouts - Electricity Badge


Electricity - Learn electrical safety and build electrical circuits and conductors, while exploring the science of electricity. Prerequisites requirement 2, 8 and 9a.


Bring a sack lunch, McDonald's will not be an option offered.

HMNS Boy Scouts - Family Life


Family Life - Scouts will learn the roles families play within the community, the importance of family life, how to strengthen their own families. Prerequisites 3, 4, and 5.


Bring a sack lunch, McDonald's will not be an option offered.

HMNS Boy Scouts - Personal Management


Personal Management - Scouts will explore budgets, finance and investment strategies. Prerequisities 2a 8a-d.


Bring a sack lunch, McDonald's will not be an option offered.

HMNS Cadette Girl Scouts - Special Agent


Special Agent – Explore the world of Forensic Science and Criminal Psychology.

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