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BTS - Knights


Enjoy the Knights special exhibition in the evening when the museum is closed to the public. Your master docent will take you back to the very origins of knighthood, in the days after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. Chivalry, feudalism and knighting will be introduced alongside a wide array of weapons and armor dating back to the 14th century showing how knighthood and armor evolved through the ages.


Tickets $32, Members $20.

BTS - Mapping Texas: From Frontier to the Lone Star State


Featuring maps dating from 1513 to 1920, the special exhibition traces more than 400 years of Texas history. Through this unique presentation of cartographic history, visitors can visualize how the fourth largest city in the US, Houston, and the third most populous county in the US, Harris County, grew into an economic powerhouse because of the Houston Ship Channel and the growth of railroads in the region. The works in this exhibition are mainly from the archival collection of the Texas General Land Office and Houston map collectors Frank and Carol Holcomb. Additionally, there are items on loan from the Witte Museum in San Antonio and the Bryan Museum in Galveston.


Go behind-the-scenes with a master docent to see the formation of Texas, from an unnamed frontier in the New World, to a small outpost of New Spain, to the huge, bustling state that now leads the nation.



Members $15, Tickets $27

Edge of Darkness

Educator Late Night - Death by Natural Causes


Death by Natural Causes will introduce students to the range of "animal, vegetable and mineral" dangers that lurk in their everyday lives. Through a collection of specimens, text and interactives, students will explore animal adaptations, statistics, chemistry, medicine and history. The rich graphics, compelling visuals and suprising specimens are such to peak interests!

Educator Late Night - Gifted and Talented Training


Enhance your classroom strategy with ready-to-implement STEAM activities and techniques influenced by our permanent exhibit halls and the film Dream Big 3D. With dynamic presenters, engaging sessions, and the world of HMNS to explore, this is a workshop like no other! Enjoy 6 hours of TAGT-verified credit toward the completion of state-mandated 30-hour gifted and talented teacher training, OR 6-hour update for those who have completed their 30 hours, interactive activities and techniques that can immediately be implemented into the classroom, hands-on Museum-related activities, a workshop notebook, a private screening of the new film Dream Big 3D, and much more!

Educator Late Night - Knights in Shining Armor


Knights in Shining Armor features stunning masterpieces of European arms and armor dating from the medieval period to the 19th century. Separate fact from fiction as you explore cutting edge battlefield technology through the ages and discover unique aspects of the lives of everyday people during this time.

Educator Maker Lab - AR/VR in the Classroom


Explore Google Expeditions, and learn how to create your own 3D images to upload to a 3D printer or augmented reality software. This Maker Lab requires the participants bring a smartphone.

Educator Maker Lab - Automata in Action


Take your simple machines to the next level! In this Maker Lab you'll investigate simple machines and cams to create a working automaton.

Educator Maker Lab - Ingenious Engineering


Become a tinker thinker as you create aerial photography, your own balloon-based speaker, and a multiplication parabola in this Maker Lab.

Family Class - On the Trail


Note: Free with purchased admission to the museum. Class will meet in Glassell Hall.


Family Festival


On the Trails

Saturday, February 24 & Sunday, February 25, 9 am to 4 pm


Co-sponsored by AIA, Houston Society


Discover the story behind the rodeo by exploring horse cultures around the world




Family Class - The "A" Games - Ancient Game Tournament


Family Festival


"A" Games - Ancient Game Tournament

Saturday January 27, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.


Free with Museum Admission | Hosted at Houston Museum of Natural Science


Come. See. Play.


Co-sponsored by AIA, Houston Society

HMNS - Daisy Girl Scouts - Board Game Design Challenge


Board Game Design Challenge - Daisies will explore inventors and create their own board game.


HMNS - Daisy Girl Scouts - Design a Robot


Design a Robot - Create a robot that can solve everyday tasks.



HMNS - Daisy Girl Scouts - How Robots Move


How Robots Move - Learn the many things that robots are designed to do.


HMNS - Daisy Girl Scouts - Model Car Challenge


Model Car Challenge - Daisies will explore engineering and the effects of friction.


HMNS - Daisy Girl Scouts - What Robots Do


What Robots Do - Explore how engineers design robots to perform different tasks.


HMNS Boy Scouts - Disabilities Awareness Badge


Disabilities Awareness - Learn to understand and appreciate each individual's strengths and challenges while exploring how the museum provides resources to meet the needs of our patrons and make the museum accessible to all audiences. (Prerequisite 2 & 4 Option A or B, just one other place to visit, the museum will count as 1 of the 2 visits) (STEM NOVA) Bring a sack lunch, McDonald's will not be an option offered.


HMNS Boy Scouts - Family Life


Family Life - Scouts will learn the roles families play within the community, the importance of family life, how to strengthen their own families. Prerequisites 3, 4, and 5.


Bring a sack lunch, McDonald's will not be an option offered.

HMNS Boy Scouts - Personal Management


Personal Management - Scouts will explore budgets, finance and investment strategies. Prerequisities 2a 8a-d.


Bring a sack lunch, McDonald's will not be an option offered.

HMNS Brownies - Fling Flyers Challenge


Fling Flyers Challenge - Brownies learn about the forces that affect flight


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