Science Mysteries


Science Mysteries is a new advanced course for students age 13 and above. Each day we explore a different mystery – collecting facts, studying animations, conducting experiments, and even planning research projects:


Mystery 1: Sinking of the Titanic – what sank the unsinkable ship? How could it happen again?


Mystery 2: Cold Case, Buried in Ice – use ice to discover how the Earth has changed over time – from Dinosaurs to Ice Ages and discover if it is changing now.


Mystery 3: Exoplanets and Extremophiles – Looking for life Beyond Earth – planets we have found around other stars and life forms that might thrive there.


Mystery 4: 2012 – The End of Times – Predictions and Prophecies – Truth or Tall Tales? What will happen in the Mayan calendar?


Mystery 5: Humans in Space – when, where, how, and can it be me? What are NASA’s plans and why is it so challenging to leave the Earth behind? How would you adapt? When could you go?




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President's Circle: Thursday, Feb. 23

Benefactor: Monday, Feb. 27

Discoverer: Thursday, March 1

Voyager: Monday, March 5

Family: Monday, March 19

General Public: Monday, March 26


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