Houston Museum of Natural Science

Secrets of the Golden Dinosaur Horde by Bob Bakker


Galloping Triceratopses! Tickling Tyrannosaurus! Join our own Curator of Paleontology Dr. Bob Bakker for the release of his new book The Big Golden Book of Dinosaurs. Was T. rex a slow-footed stumble-bum? No! Were tyrannosaurs devoid of any gentle, nurturing gestures? No way! Were gigantic meat-eating dinos ticklish? You bet! Could you out-run an angry charging triceratopsine? Don’t even try. Who was the highest life form in the Jurassic? A. our human ancestors. B. raptor-type dinos. Correct answer: B. Learn how the “Dinosaurian Dynasty” shaped all evolution on land—including ours—and even invented flowers! This animated lecture by Robert T. Bakker, Ph.D., with be followed by a book signing, with exciting dinosaur activities prior to event starting at 5 p.m.

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