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Crystals of India


Discover the Crystals of India at HMNS at Sugar Land. Originating in the Deccan Plateau, a large plateau that comprises most of the southern part of the country, the exhibit features our never-seen-before collection of more than 30 pieces. The volcanic basalt beds of the Deccan were laid down in the massive Deccan Traps eruption, which occurred towards the end of the Cretaceous period between 67 and 66 million years ago. Some paleontologists speculate this eruption may have accelerated the extinction of the dinosaurs. As lava from the volcanic activity cooled relatively slowly, large, visible crystals were created.


For this exclusive engagement, the temporary exhibit hall will be transformed to be reminiscent of the Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals at HMNS in Hermann Park. Plush carpet and low lighting will highlight the crystals displayed in pin-light cases. The crystals have been collected over many years and have not been on display in this manner before. The exhibit will be personally curated by HMNS President, Joel Bartsch, a world-renowned leader in the gem and mineral field.


4/30/2015 – 5/10/2015 Select
Sugar Land Dig Pit (Ages 2 and Under)

Experience the thrill of paleontology first-hand! Our youngest scientists (ages 2 and under) discover dinosaurs while exploring colors and exercising their fine motor skills in their own dig pit.




Admission to the HMNS at Sugar Land exhibit halls requires a separate ticket purchase.



4/30/2015 – 5/31/2015 Select
Tree Houses: Look Who's Living in the Trees


Spend some time hanging out in the trees! Immerse yourself in an indoor tree house and explore firsthand who lives in trees through stereoscopic viewfinders, tracking clues, natural artifacts, and sound.


The lively setting will have you roaming from tree to tree to house as you discover the many habitats that trees provide for animals large and small-and people, too. You will uncover fascinating facts about who actually lives in trees, what kinds of animal clues to look and listen for in the forest, and how people use trees for their homes. While evoking the playful spirit of childhood tree houses, this exhibition challenges visitors to play inside the tree houses.


5/22/2015 – 9/6/2015 Select
Sugar Land Dig Pit (Ages 3-11)

Experience the thrill of paleontology first-hand! Several species of cast fossil dinosaurs await discovery in the Dig Pit! Budding scientists will be delighted to dig for dinosaurs under the watchful gaze of a prehistoric archelon, the largest sea turtle ever discovered.



Admission to the HMNS at Sugar Land exhibit halls requires a separate ticket purchase.



4/29/2015 – 10/12/2015 Select
Sugar Land Permanent Exhibits

From 2 terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex to colorful, living frogs, HMNS at Sugar Land has something for everyone. This satellite facility of the Houston Museum of Natural Science has permanent galleries reflecting the most popular exhibit areas of the main Museum campus, each of which present required science topics for Texas schools as fun and engaging activities for the whole family.


4/29/2015 – 10/12/2015 Select
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