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Lecture - 5000 Years of Egyptian History by Tom Hardwick


Accompanied by images of artifacts in the Hall of Ancient Egypt, walk through the colorful history of ancient Egypt with HMNS Egyptology curator Tom Hardwick. The new additions to the exhibition will be highlighted. Following the presentation, the program will continue in the Hall of Ancient Egypt.


6:30 PM
Lecture - Quest to Save Wild Mustangs by H. Alan Day


Alan Day had the unique opportunity to establish a sanctuary in South Dakota for unadoptable wild horses previously warehoused by the Bureau of Land Management. After Day successfully lobbied Congress, those acres became Mustang Meadows Ranch, the first government-sponsored wild horse sanctuary established in the U.S. Day will share his tales of the Herculean task of balancing the requirements of the government with the needs of the fifteen hundred wild horses and the land itself, and give an update on the sanctuary today.


A book signing of The Horse Lover, A Cowboy's Quest to Save the Wild Mustangs will follow the lecture. His book The Lazy B Books will also be available and will be pre-signed by his co-author and sister

6:30 PM
Lecture - Richard III Rediscovered by Sarah Hainsworth


The discovery of the remains of King Richard III under a parking lot-next to a space marked "R"-has stirred much excitement. Richard's remains speak to us in a way that texts or artifacts do not, reaching out to give us more accurate insights to his life, following years of calumny. Dr.Sarah Hainsworth, Forensic Engineer on the Richard II Project at the University of Leicester, will discuss the project's findings and how history, archaeology and genetics were woven together to learn more about Richard III.


After the talk, you're invited to a festival featuring food, drink, dance and music inspired by the Renaissance. Tribute will be paid to William Shakespeare-Richard's most controversial publicist, and a special guest will join the festivities! Renaissance attire is welcome.


This lecture is co-sponsored by Archaeology Institute of America - Houston Society.



Tickets $39, HMNS & AIA Members $29

6:30 PM
Lecture - Update in Egyptology With Researchers: Salima Ikram, Josef Wegner, Kara Cooney


In Houston for the ARCE Annual Conference, three leading Egyptologists will give updates on their different areas of specialization. This lecture is co-sponsored by the American Research Center in Egypt.


Divine Creatures, Animal Mummies Providing Clues to Culture, Economy and Science by Salima Ikram, Ph.D., American University in Cairo


Animal mummies were amongst the least studied of Egypt's treasures. Now scholars are using them to learn about ancient Egyptian religion, economy, veterinary science and environmental change. The leading is the world's leading expert on animal mummies and founder of the Animal Mummy project at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Salima Ikram, will present the different kinds of animal mummies and explain what we can learn from them.


Secrets of the Mountain-of-Anubis, A Royal Necropolis by Josef Wegner, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania


The ongoing Penn Museum excavations has recently identified a royal necropolis at Abydos. A series of royal tombs located beneath a sacred desert peak, the Mountain-of-Anubis, belong to over a dozen pharaohs include Senwosret III and the recently identied king Senebkay. Dr. Josef Wegner will review the latest findings from the necropolis that spans Egypt's late Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period (ca. 1850-1550 BCE).


21st Dynasty Coffins Project, Recycled Coffins Offer the Socioeconomic Insight by Kathlyn (Kara) Cooney, Ph.D., UCLA


Dr. Kara Cooney will give an overview of the 21st Dynasty Coffins Project which studies the amount of "borrowing," or reuse, a given coffin displays during this period of turmoil and material scarcity and seeks to contribute to the understanding of socioeconomics in ancient Egypt. Equipped with high definition cameras and working in cooperation with museums and institutions in Europe and the United States, Cooney takes her research team to investigate, document and study coffin reuse in the Third Intermediate Period. The data acquired will be compiled into a comprehensive database available to Egyptologists everywhere.


6:30 PM