Corpse Flower Life History - The Life and Times of Lois the Corpse Flower

Lois, the titan arum, or corpse flower (Amorphophallus titanum) became an overnight phenomenon with fans all over the world cheering her on - in person and virtually.  HMNS Horticulturists Zac Stayton and Soni Holladay will present The Life and Times of Lois the Corpse Flower. Zac will share the plant's fascinating flowering process, and Soni will explain how she cares for Lois and our other titan arum when they are not on display ... as well as share stories of the Lois media frenzy of July 2010.


Commemorative Lois T-shirts, buttons and photos will be available for purchase and signing by Zac and Soni after the lecture.

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