The Cave Paintings of Lascaux


The Lascaux cave, now a World Heritage site, has been dubbed the "Sistine Chapel of Prehistory." Also known as the Lascaux bestiary, its frescos represent many animals, including horses, bulls, deer, ibex, cats, a rhinoceros, and even the legendary unicorn. These pictures are accompanied by enigmatic signs and some human representations, such as a man facing a charging bison, raising new questions about the perception of our prehistoric ancestors.


This international exhibition brings together state-of-the-art digital technologies in order to make the visit interactive and unforgettabl--simulators of human presence, virtual trips using the most advanced 3D projections, interactive terminals as well as multimedia and a model of the cave. You will be able to travel throughout the whole cave in a virtual tour before admiring the life-size recreations of the Nave and the Well.


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