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Impact Earth

In 2006, the Museum unearthed a piece of an asteroid that crashed into the North American prairie long ago. This story takes us from the birth of our solar system, to the catastrophe that tore this asteroid apart, to the surface of Mars, and to a future asteroid mining colony.


2/24/2015 – 2/26/2015 Select
Robot Explorers 1/25/2015 – 5/24/2015 Select
Secret Lives of Stars


Not all stars are created equal. Some are massive. Others are tiny; almost insignificant. The characteristics of a star determine what type of life it will lead, how long it will live and even how violently it will die. Witness the amazing variety of stars and peer into their secret lives. Sir Patrick Stewart of TV's Star Trek: The Next Generation and the X-Men films, guides your journey into the Secret Lives of the Stars.

1:00 PM
Secret of the Cardboard Rocket

Two children turn a cardboard box into a rocket and blast-off on an awesome adventure with a close-up tour of each planet, including landings on Venus and Mars, a trip into the clouds of Jupiter and a journey through the rings of Saturn. Join these kids and their talking astronomy book as they learn about what makes each planet unique and Earth such a special place to live. At the story s end, you ll discover the Secret of the Cardboard Rocket.


1/25/2015 – 5/24/2015 Select
Stars of the Pharaohs


Travel to ancient Egypt 6,000 years ago to see how astronomers made the first solar calendar, aligned their temples and pyramids, and told time by the stars. You'll discover the connection ancient Egyptians felt with the heavens and explore the most spectacular temples and tombs of the ancient world, projected all around you in their original splendor. Stars of the Pharaohs is narrated by John Rhys-Davies.

1/25/2015 – 5/24/2015 Select
Stars Over Texas

This live, guided tour begins with the moon, planets, and stars coming out in your backyard tonight and ends under the big West Texas sky. Explore the heavens above Texas from the Museum’s George Observatory to McDonald Observatory at Ft Davis to discover how the sun and stars are different in Texas. See the sky over the San Jacinto Battlefield and discover how Texans have changed astronomy in the last 175 years – from explaining the Big Bang to Apollo astronauts exploring the moon and the International Space Station orbiting overhead. This full-dome live presentation complements Texas! the exhibition and the Texas! The Big Picture in IMAX.


1/28/2015 – 5/6/2015 Select
The Great Planet Adventures


We have created realistic colonies with real mission on real locations throughout the solar system. Imagine zip lining on the scorched Mercury or snowmobiling when it really snows on Pluto. Try bungee jumping from an asteroid, diving from the tallest cliff, or rappelling into deepest canyon. Glide over the hydrocarbon lakes of Titan, jet-pack in a geyser’s spray on Triton, or even drive a monster truck along a steep lunar crater wall. All exciting, all possible, and maybe all part of our future.

1/25/2015 – 5/24/2015 Select
Black Holes

Embark on a journey through one of the most mystifying, awe-inspiring phenomena in the universe. What is a black hole? Where do they come from? Where do they go? Witness the bending of light, skewing of perception, and the dizzying descent into a black hole. Explore the latest scientific knowledge on black holes in a show that is visually immersive and very exciting.


This show incorporates some of the most visually stunning three-dimensional effects ever created for the planetarium. Add to that a sound effects track and 5.1 surround sound mix by George Lucas’ Skywalker Sound Studios and you have an incredible sensory experience.


1/25/2015 – 5/24/2015 Select
Dark Side Of the Moon


Pink Floyd's legendary album returns, using all the capacities of the Museum s high-definition, full-dome video system. Fantastic sound and incredible images create an unforgettable experience. It's not just a laser show, it’s a totally new digital revolution in sight and sound surrounding you, immersing you and losing you in the Dark Side of the Moon.


This unique video experience is provided by Starlight Productions.


1/25/2015 – 5/24/2015 Select
Force 5

Are you ready for nature’s fury? This is your chance to survive three Category 5 storms-a hurricane, a tornado and a solar eruption-without any rain, wind or dangerous radiation. Discover the causes of weather catastrophes and venture into the middle of the action then nature goes Force 5!


11:30 AM
Lucy’s Cradle, the Birth of Wonder

Lucy’s Cradle, the Birth of Wonder follows the spread of humans around the globe. From the obelisks of Axum to mountaintop observatories, humans have searched for a relationship with the heavens. Modern astronomers are continuing a magnificent journey of human vision that began over 3 million years ago when a young female hominid peered over the grassland of East Africa and saw the distant horizon beyond her fingertips.

Over a hundred planets and moons of all sizes orbit the sun, yet only Earth has intelligent life - or perhaps any life at all. What are the required conditions to foster life? Solar energy, a protective atmosphere, liquid water - but maybe much more. What combination of environmental variation and stability is required for life to begin and to become intelligent?


1/26/2015 – 1/27/2015 Select
Passport to the Universe

Explore the wonders of our universe! Narrator Tom Hanks guides a flight through the universe and deep into galactic space. After reaching the edge of our cosmos, the tour takes a virtual shortcut back to Earth - a free fall through a black hole.


1/25/2015 – 5/24/2015 Select
Starry Night Express


Enjoy a show for stargazers of all ages - with live and pre-recorded sections. First, tour the sky for the upcoming night and the coming weekend with a planetarium operator. Then, go on a star party! Audiences practice finding constellations, planets, the moon, meteor showers and the Milky Way band. Then the show will drop into a star party led by Laurence Fishburne. From this country setting, the show takes audiences through the solar system and into the Universe.


Breathtaking images from the Hubble Space Telescope hover and combine to show the life cycle of stars. Audiences experience the eventual collision of our Milky Way Galaxy with the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy as visualized by the Space Telescope Science Institute. Then, visitors plunge down and sweep through the gigantic Valles Marineris canyon, simulated by the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing at Swinburne University of Technology, using the latest data from the Mars Global Surveyor.


This show delivers the night sky and interprets its wonders all in one spectacular experience.


1/25/2015 – 5/24/2015 Select
The Dinosaur Prophecy

Long before dinosaurs’ massive extinction 65 million years ago, many individual species simply disappeared. Visit dinosaur graveyards, study their bones, and reconstruct how these creatures lived and died to solve four famous cold cases from the age of the dinosaurs in The Dinosaur Prophecy. Never before have so many types of dinosaurs come to life in full-dome immersive reality. Discover the lives of multiple species of dinosaurs, from the Coelophysis of 205 million years ago to the Allosaurus and Diplodocus of the mid-Jurassic period. Viewers will also see the feathered Sinornithosaurus of China and the T. rex and Triceratops that survived and thrived until the final extinction of all dinosaurs 65 million years ago.


1/31/2015 – 5/24/2015 Select
Earth's Wild Ride

Through his stories, a grandfather takes his grandchildren and the audience on a wild canyon ride, to an ice age winter with a woolly mammoth, and to the time when the dinosaurs lived and died. Each experience begins with a telescope view of the dynamic Earth in stark contrast with the unchanging lunar landscape.

Earth³ Wild Ride is like many tales shared by grandparents over the centuries, except ôhe old country is really another planet - always visible from the moon base, but totally unlike the granddaughter³ world. Adventure and appreciation for home fill this 20-minute journey back to the Earth.

12:00 PM