Adventures Among Ants

Did you know that the nests of some ants have air conditioning systems?  That ant workers follow traffic rules while walking on their busy highways? That ants are the only creatures besides humans with warfare and even terrorism?  That ants invented slavery and large-scale agriculture millennia before humans, and for many of the same reasons we did?


In Adventures Among Ants, learn this and much more with scientist and tropical explorer Mark Moffett, called the Indiana Jones of Entomology by the National Geographic Society. When not on expedition, Moffett divides his time between research positions at the University of California at Berkeley and the Smithsonian Institution. One of only a handful of people to earn a Ph.D. under the world's most respected ecologist, E.O. Wilson, Mark Moffett has written or photographed more than two dozen articles for National Geographic. Book signing following the lecture.


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